Lohagad – Visapur Trek

Date: 14 June 2015
Venue: Visapur

Location: Malavali, Bhaje
Event: Lohagad – Visapur Trek

 Attendees: 70
 Instructors: 10

Repoting Time: 6:00 am
Reporting Location: Pune Station.


Early Sundays are rare when one starts working but then its monsoon!!!

The summers set you almost on the hibernation mode. The scorching sun gulping your energy at the fastest rate. Suddenly you realize that you have been stuck inside your house for quite some time. The showers across the window which introduce the urge to have tea looking at each droplet awakening the earth. The backpack lying in the corner of the room starts speaking silently. Those silent words set you up because its monsoon my dear the one which takes you beyond these cement walls. They make you explore cute red beetles on the streets, they make you want the heights, they take you beyond this smog to the clean breath making you feel the clouds and the real original fog.


Lohagad – Visapur were calling and we were all set.

The fresh air could be felt. The empty streets made it easier to reach the station on time (Empty streets is almost a fantacy in pune). The journey began at 6.30 AM. We boarded an empty train, 70 of us. New people is always exciting because its the start of the journey where you can start exploring even before reaching the destination. On reaching the station Malavali, near lonavala the screaming tummies were calmed by “Dabke Pohe”. The breifing didnt take much long and then we were set free with our very own backpacks.


The first attraction of the day were “Bhaje Caves”. The beautiful elegant and amazing architecture of the caves can actually make you want to sit there for forever. It carries its own charm. Lots of selfies were in air. Everyone’s enthusiasm was mesmerizing. Everyone excited about their climb.


We were heading towards visapur from bhaje caves. Every time we climb any mountain we as backpackers from Backpack Outdoors have a tradition of chanting “Shiv garjana” so that is how we began. The scenic beauty from the height was pleasing and the weather was beautiful as if it were told that we were coming and it decided to please us. In the whole mob of trekkers the best trekker i would say is dhruv. The kid oh I am sorry he doesnt like it if you consider him kid so i would adress him as a 3 and half year old trekker was all set on his boots jumping climbing and enjoying the terrain. I guess he was the best inspiration for each one trekking those mountains.


Reaching the top of visapur. Feeling the heights in the veins the rains were on their way. Suddenly the showers making each one drenched giving the feel of monsoon and the climb down with thickness of the green cover was just another treat.

Before we started for lohagad we had lunch. And then climbing through the ruptured stairs, crossing different doors of lohagad we reached the top. The fog surrounding us. Mighty winds blowing and drizzles set the view for us. All the participants were cherishing their good time. Everyone was walking back with new set of friends. With questions about which is the next trek.



The train journey was fun on the way back. Even after being tired everyone was enjoying singing songs not realizing that we were back home….



Waiting for 28th June. Its Duke’s Nose time..




The echo of your voice
Chanted fire with the air
Sinking beneath the water
Yet surviving bizzare….

Feeling the depth of sacredness
The holy water carries
The enchanted enchantment
Say the verses
Not sure of their meaning
They could be curses!!!!!


Life a never ending Sail……


There was an old man sitting in his backyard

smoking up marijuana, holding some placard;

bluffing up the smoke rings he sighed

sat in his chair, with closed eyes he cried..

The letter with shivering letters, nostalgia rolled

he was solitary for long, but suddenly solitude felt bold;

“A friend DEPARTED” read that note;

opening his yellow pages diary, he read a quote


Days passed and he fears there is nothing left of what they were…..

Putting off the smoke the ashes he blowed;

alas there was nothing but only the memories that trolled…

The blood in his veins seemed stale

With faded ashes everything seemed pale…

That was the old man who left for a Sail..

Leaving behind everything yet carrying with him all his tales…..

Its just the BOX!!!!!!

All the times of your life
Kept inside the box
It surrounds nothing called lies
Its sacred and deep

Your thoughts give it a call
You listen and keep it all
No word uttered
Box filling every minute matter; matter that matters

As it empties…

Open it all
Free the bird from the cage
Happiness would also blossom
And in the end you might say
It was just a box
Emptiness of it will fill u up
Your awesomeness you would live up
It would cheer you up and you’ll know to be merry
Because gone would be box and gone would be gloominess
On the humongous never ending ferry…..


Could I be myself !!!!

Could the star be my hope
But all I can see is shear smoke
I dont feel like looking up
I don’t know if I have given up

Could the leaves give the life
I got scars from the thorns
Should I just run away
Or drop off this day

Could the colors paint the world
But to me it seems so dull
Should I just paint it white
No dullness but nothing bright

Could the winds just go higher
I feel choked up coz of fire
Do I breathe
Or do I just lie beneath

I don’t want to see it the way it seems
I wish I could just close my eyes
Nothing to cheer
Nor anyone dear
Far off all fears
I would just feel mere
And i ll sigh
And just like that may be I ll die…….

I wish I dream….



I wish I had everything I wished
Would that be my prettiest dream
My every single fantasy would be real
My life would just be all cream..

Nothing would Last as lust
Nothing would be unaltered
Every single breath would be mine
Weighted would be  word

Stars would shine in my eyes
Laughter would bring some teardrops
Never ever ever I would be lost
Never would I know how eyes sob

I wish I could live my dreams….